Technology Business Management (TBM) Services

Technology Business Management (TBM) Services

Maryville Consulting Group’s Technology Business Management (TBM) solution provides the data-driven framework that helps executive leaders measure, manage and communicate the value of technology to the enterprise. We provide new transparency into technology costs, providing the defensible data for prioritizing areas for technology rationalization and optimization. This clarifies ROI, frees up resources for allocation where most needed and transforms IT into a valued partner that can be counted on to prescribe intelligent investments.

Maryville Consulting Group TBM Services

TBM Operating Model

Early on, we establish the processes, organization structures and metrics for a TBM governance function.

Process Integration

This provides the operational link between TBM and key functions such as Service Desk, Budgeting & Planning, Finance and operational processes such as Project & Portfolio Management, Incident Management, Configuration Management and Asset Management.

Technology Cost Taxonomy

Transparency, insight and analytics are all enabled when standard cost categories allow mapping of GL (and other) data sources to cost centers, cost pools and resource towers.

Platform Design and Implementation

Working with key stakeholders, we translate requirements into a cohesive and pragmatic system design that guides platform configuration with a primary focus on workflow automation, metrics, reporting and ease of use.

Platform Integration

We’ve built a vast inventory of integrations that utilize master data sources, APIs, workflow extensions and agile methods.

Data Management

We provide the expertise required to ensure that critical cost input sources are current and accurate.

Organizational Adoption

Applying the best of established Organizational Change methods, we help clients adopt a TBM culture of transparency and accountability.

Managed Services

Our solution enables organizations to maintain and refine IT financial models and allocation strategies while expanding the TBM value proposition across the enterprise.