Who We Are

n 1994, Joe Blomker was approached by business leaders and investors who recognized the market need for an entity to help organizations integrate new technology and establish new IT operating models. As a result, Blomker and four colleagues moved into a small office in St. Louis, Missouri, and Maryville Data Systems, a management consulting and professional services firm, was born. In 1999, as IT’s emphasis shifted from creating data to impacting business, Maryville Data Systems changed its name to Maryville Technologies, and in 2018, Maryville Technologies became Maryville Consulting Group. This name reflects the company’s broader portfolio of capabilities and our commitment to be the best transformation partner for our clients as we celebrate our expanded business impact.

From the beginning, Maryville Consulting Group’s business emphasis has been on establishing long-term client relationships built upon a history of business impact. Unique among technology startups, our business plan never included an “exit strategy” but rather an emphasis on a client-centered operating model. Over the years, adherence to Maryville Consulting Group’s successful market approach was reinforced as Blomker secured a controlling interest in the firm. Today, the firm’s leadership includes Blomker’s sons Joey, Managing Director for Digital Operations, and Jeff, VP for Technology Business Management and Corporate Functions. As a family-owned business, Maryville Consulting Group values long-term relationships that put clients’ needs first and provide business impact that lasts.

Much has changed in technology and business since 1994, but Maryville Consulting Group’s impact on transformational outcomes has remained consistent. With more than 95% of new client business coming from referrals, we have built a record of client satisfaction that is unmatched by other consulting and technology-enablement firms. Part of that, of course, is our proven history of enhancing the value organizations get from their technology investments by applying consistent methodology to handle new disruptors. But equally important is the client- and results-oriented philosophy that drives our delivery of new emerging operating models and accelerates business impact, ultimately allowing us to provide our clients and their customers with an exceptional experience.

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Joe Blomker



To be the best transformation partner for our clients


Consistent strategy execution in a dynamic business world

Our Values

Embrace Authentic Character

Competency is everywhere, but authentic character is hard to find. At Maryville Consulting Group, we believe integrity is the foundation of our actions and we seek to continuously do the right thing. We embrace diversity of background and thought, and look beyond a resume not only to find talent, but uncommon authenticity. At Maryville Consulting Group, we want you to add to the uniqueness of our company, not just fit in.

Own the Outcome

At Maryville Consulting Group we are empowered to drive change and make a difference. Every day, we bring to work with us an entrepreneurial mindset, a confidence in ownership, and a desire to always be accountable for our actions and to honor our commitments. We are mentors and role models, helping each other stay aligned on a single vision and encouraging the fulfillment of professional growth through new opportunities.

Win as One

At Maryville Consulting Group, there are no heroes. Our firm champions open and honest collaboration, and a mindset that seeks to build others up through a supportive, family spirit. We always assume positive intent and seek out opportunities to help others. We trust our teammates to provide constructive feedback so we can grow together, stay goal-oriented, and focus on having successful engagements with our colleagues and clients.

Passion is Priceless

There is nothing more exciting than seeing someone in their element. At Maryville Consulting Group, we love to see you enjoy what you do and encourage you to champion your wins. We strive to empower you to not only embrace your passions but share them with your colleagues. We work to create a culture where you have the confidence to be bold, to inspire, and to be inspired. Here, making an impact is available to everyone.

Uncomfortable is Comfortable

We are passionate, curious, and continuous learners who embrace every opportunity to go beyond our comfort zone to tackle the most complex challenges. At Maryville Consulting Group, we are pathfinders who thrive under pressure and are willing to go to the hard places, push the boundaries, and be challenged in our roles every day.

Create Exceptional Experiences

Our philosophy of enablement inspires us go above and beyond for both our team and our clients. We are trusted advisors, focusing on delivering enhanced business impact while developing meaningful relationships. We support the initiative and drive of our employees to create exceptional experiences, providing them an opportunity to pursue their passions and own new projects.