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If you want to join a collaborative, innovative team that inspires you to achieve your full potential, then we would like to meet you! Every June we onboard a class of Summer Associates and Full-Time Associates for 10 weeks full of learning opportunities and activities to introduce you to Maryville. You will have early opportunities to make meaningful impacts on client engagements, shape the future of the company through internal projects, and work with people from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. At Maryville, you will be challenged and pushed to grow as a consultant while being provided with the tools you need to learn and succeed.

Embrace Challenges

You will be encouraged to stretch yourself past your comfort zone. In his first year, one Associate led a project to design and deliver a retail operations management solution, working with leadership stakeholders to develop a solution now being evaluated for deployment to 1,000+ locations in 2020.

Create Opportunities

Our Associates view their work through a lens of continuous improvement. The team is expected to identify ways to improve effectiveness and efficiency within client engagements and internal operations then are empowered to own and drive improvement efforts to completion.

Solve Unstructured Problems

At Maryville, no two days are alike. Associates will work with clients across various industries to understand their business challenges and use critical thinking skills to develop innovative solutions.


Lead Teams & Projects

Maryville Associates take on leadership roles early in their careers. In her first year, one Associate took ownership over the entire organizational change program for a client undertaking significant transformation, resulting in positive feedback from client leadership which contributed to securing the next phase of delivery work.

The Associate Experience

Find your fit by exploring each of our career paths during your time as an associate. As a solutions consultant on projects, you could do anything from coding on a client project, leading requirements gathering workshops, and planning and executing the project as a project manager. After progressing through Associate and Senior Associate, you will get the opportunity to become either an Engineer or a Consultant.

Here are some of the roles you can play as an associate at Maryville:

Digital Operations: Business Process Analyst

Consult with clients on how to best enable global Digital Transformation and have organizational impact by creating communication plans, leading training and testing deliverables, defining standard operating procedures, and using data to drive process improvement 

Digital Operations: Engineering Analyst

Build digital solutions while gathering technical requirements from clients, providing prescriptive guidance on best practices and best-in-class solutions

Digital Operations: Project Manager

Guide Agile project teams to optimize engagement execution while maintaining deadlines; working through risks, issues, and action items

Technology Business Management: Financial Analyst

Uncover and share valuable financial insights through a technology lens with key IT and Finance leaders across various industries.

Technology Business Management: Budget & Forecast Planner

Streamline budgeting and forecasting processes incorporating technology insights leading to more valuable variance analysis

Technology Business Management: Product & Service Consultant

Establish a distinct catalog of service offerings that can be managed and tracked more efficiently.

Product Development & Delivery: Business Analyst

Consult with clients on how to best enable global Product and Agile Transformation with effective organizational impact by creating communication plans; leading training and testing deliverables; defining standard operating procedures; and using data to drive process improvement.

Product Development & Delivery: Project Manager

Guide Agile project teams to optimize engagement execution while maintaining deadlines, working through risks, issues, and action items.

“Maryville employees constantly collaborate and push the boundaries of our capabilities. I have learned something new or gained a valuable experience every day I have worked here.”

-Sasha S., Digital Operations Engineer

“Being a consultant at Maryville means being part of a team mutually committed to each other’s success, and a team that has done the hard work of establishing ourselves as the best level of service with both our partners and our clients.”

– Haley H., TBM Consultant

“When collaborating on projects, internal or client facing, we are encouraged and expected to provide our input. We hold true to the “fail fast” mentality, try your best, if its not the best way to do it, learn from that and move on to the next challenge.”

– Tiago S., Digital Operations Engineer

A day in the life of an associate

Associate Consultant | Digital Operations

I’ve always loved problem-solving, and at Maryville, there is always the opportunity to take on something new and different. Flexibility is key, as the technology space requires continuous learning. What impresses me most at Maryville, are that our results are not just tied to client projects, but from what we can accomplish working with a group of such talented, driven colleagues.

My favorite part of Maryville is the chance to make a definitive impact. The work is challenging, but the team provides a great support structure with true investment in each other’s success. I find my day is a combination of client work and internal initiatives and can see the outcome of that effort in real time. Being able to try new things and lead opportunity fosters a strong growth mindset culture. Outside of projects, I am leading segments of our recruiting efforts and onboarding planning, things I never expected to be a part of, but have found a passion for.

Outside of work, I enjoy my hometown roots and connections to St. Louis! Hockey and baseball are my favorite sports, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to find me playing catch with my friends in Forest Park over the weekend. At the start of the week, I always look forward to the next exciting challenge!

Associate Consultant | Technology Business Management

About 275 feet above Clayton, MO a TBM consultant for Maryville Consulting Group (MCG) begins their day with a preparatory meeting. They either meet with teammates or clients to set up the day ahead. The start of the day highlights a main attribute of an MCG consultant: collaboration. There is no day without teammate cooperation and no project where one succeeds alone. Fittingly, each and every Maryville consultant is intelligent and dependable making both the working environment and project quality superb. Highlight number two: client interactions. A TBM consultant is constantly engaging with their clients as feedback and conversation are a must for any successful consulting project.

Every day presents new challenges, new problems to solve. Throughout the day, a consultant will tackle many issues; there will certainly be problems they don’t have the answer to. Here is the third highlight: consultants will be challenged, and they will have the power, training, and resources to overcome their challenges. There will hardly be a day where an MCG consultant is not inventing a solution, and from that invention comes the furnace to forge a new pathway. There is no one method or tool to solve a problem. MCG consultants must have the flexibility to adapt and thrive.

Highlight four: camaraderie. Maryville consultants depend on each other and so grow close. It wouldn’t be unusual for the day to end with kickball in the park.

Matt Highsmith: Digital Operations Associate to Engineer

How did you move from industry internships and academic excellence to making an impact at Maryville Consulting Group?

I experienced an incredibly hands-on onboarding at Maryville, which allowed me to understand how to contribute as effectively as possible. As a boutique consulting firm, consultants have the opportunity to play many roles, and this is true right from the start of my time at the company. I went through a training program for a few weeks, but I was also brought on to shadow others, and assist with work for clients very quickly. I found that I learn best by doing, and the onboarding process at Maryville gave plenty of hands-on experiences.

Due to the nature of consulting, I also feel as if I am never fully onboarded. The world is always changing, and technology is changing faster. Maryville has made active efforts to provide me and colleagues the opportunity to always learn the most relevant skills to our industry. I can think of two examples that exemplify this.

Twice a week, Maryville hosts internal JavaScript classes. These classes are run by more senior colleagues, and are aimed to spread knowledge for new and experienced hires. I have found that this classroom-like session with my co-workers has been a great experience for learning how we can use programming languages such as JavaScript to make our jobs, and our client’s jobs, as easy as possible.

Secondly, Maryville recognizes when an employee has the opportunity to expand their skillset into a new area. I had displayed an interest in the IT Operations Management (ITOM) space to my leadership team, and they in turn set me up to do an official Cisco training program to help solidify my networking skills, which has proven to be valuable knowledge when working in the ITOM space.

Could you describe a typical day on a client engagement?

One of my favorite parts of consulting in business technology is that there isn’t a typical day. My schedule varies dramatically depending on the client, the processes that we are optimizing, and my role on the engagement. However, I’ll attempt to describe my typical day now that I have more than 18 months worth of experience at Maryville.

I prepare for my often daily standup with the client. These standups usually cover 3 things: What did our team accomplish the day before, what are we planning on working on today, and is there anything our client can do to help us with the project.

I aim to ask guided questions of our client. Even though I am the expert in the project, it is equally important that I understand the needs of the client. Many of our projects involve examining the process and technology that our clients currently use, and recommending/delivering a better solution. During this process, there are often parts of the client’s current process that are absolutely essential to their success, and I must ensure that they do not lose those in our delivery.

One of the major things I love about Maryville Consulting Group is that we do not just define and recommend a solution to our clients, but we actually deliver the solution. After my daily stand up, I get started on the technical delivery component of my day. Generally, we will have worked with the client on defining the automation requirements.

What Types on Clients have you worked on?

My first client engagement was with a Fortune 500 Manufacturing and Engineering Services firm in the Midwest, which I would say has been my most valuable learning experience at Maryville so far. I was new to the company, and was expected to complete my share of the work for the project, regardless. This gave me a chance to try, and fail, with a team around me to help me learn from, and lean on when needed. Having the opportunity to make mistakes, rather than simply watch the job done, taught me much quicker than I could have imagined. Not only this, but working closely with another Associate who had only been at the company one year longer than myself, and seeing how much of an impact he was having on the project, motivated me even more to keep learning and giving my best effort to the company.

How would you describe the Maryville Consulting Group work environment?

There is never a boring day in the Maryville office. There is constant interaction and engagement with both my peers and leadership. My peers at Maryville are incredibly driven and passionate. Even with the amount of time and effort that each member puts into their work, every person I interact with seems to have passions that they devote time to outside of work. My peers seem to have a curiosity that is never sated, which motivates me to always continue learning and exploring my interests with them.

The leadership team at Maryville has found a great balance between pushing you to your limits, while also checking in with you along the way. They have high expectations, but also do everything in their power to help you meet those expectations. I have found in previous organizations that I needed to spend extra effort and energy to make myself known to the leadership of an organization. At Maryville, the leaders do everything they can to learn about you, and create the best possible environment for you to grow.

I have enjoyed living the St. Louis area, and Clayton has been a great place to work. The office space has an incredible view of the downtown St. Louis skyline, and there are plenty of great places to eat around the office. Venturing out to new locations to grab a meal with co-workers is one of my favorite Friday activities. Even though I spend a full week with my co-workers, we spend lots of time together on the weekend, whether it’s playing golf, poker, or doing other outdoor activities around St. Louis.

As a student-athlete on a basketball team, you built upon your strong foundation of leadership skills – how has that prepared you for leading at Maryville?

Even though this was not an academic or corporate experience, it taught me how to lead without authority, working with a team, and holding it together during difficult times. These are all skills that I have been able to apply directly towards my time at Maryville.

Working with a team is something that I do absolutely every day, and understanding how to approach certain team dynamics differently is a skill that I have been able to use, and get better at through my time at Maryville.

One of the most crucial parts of teamwork is knowing when to lead, and just as importantly, knowing when to allow others the opportunity. Knowing which situation I’m in is crucial to my success on the team, and the teams success itself!

My academic career also helped me change the way that I approach problems in my current position at Maryville. Although I studied Economics and Computer Science, my major in undergrad was Psychology. Most classes in psychology explore psychological issues that people have, and how to remedy them, but a class I took Senior year was titled ‘Positive Psychology’, which outlined everything that was right with people, and how to lead a full life of happiness. Taking this class shifted my mindset from mainly focused fixing issues in my life, to exploring ways to proactively make my life better. I found that this applies directly to the job that I do today. Although clients usually approach us because they are having difficulties in one area of their technological environment, I always make sure that I am focusing on ways that I could proactively improve the way that they do their jobs.

What are you looking for when helping to recruit the next group of leaders at Maryville?

First and foremost is recruiting and growing individuals that have the same drive to continually learn new things every day, just like the current group of Maryville consultants. Without an innate desire to learn, it would be difficult to be successful at Maryville. Secondly, I would look for someone that I would feel comfortable spending time with outside of work. Due to the small size of the company, I have know all of my teammates well, and having the personal connection with them has been an important part of my experience here. Similar to how we’re always pushing to be better and differentiated for our clients, I try to bring in talent that can work well with the team, and provide their own unique characteristics to the mix.

Nell Downey: Technology Business Management Summer Associate to Full-time Associate

What kind of projects did you work on as a summer associate? 

As a summer associate, I had the opportunity to observe and document Maryville’s engagement with a Fortune 50 retail company, which was focused on the revision of cost modelling and IT spend analysis processes. Our team was able to create a robust, efficient cost model that allowed for insight into Total Cost of Ownership for the products provided by the IT department. For the client, our work created a basis for spend optimization strategy and with our leadership, their TBM Office was able to continue to iterate on the cost model that we had established.  For more information on this engagement and the value provided, a case study I wrote is published here

What roles have you played since being a full time associate? 

In the months since I started at Maryville, I’ve been involved in an engagement with one of the top 20 universities in the country, working closely with their IT department to implement a Technology Spend Management approach. Throughout this engagement, the Maryville team has focused on evaluating service consumption, improving efficiency of financial and budgeting processes, and enabling value-based decision making. Specifically, my role involves liaising with key stakeholders on the client side and gathering the necessary data to analyze the budgeting cycle and identify key information for TSM implementation. Our eventual goal is to be able to show back spend to the different university departments to rationalize costs and demonstrate value of IT.  As a recent hire, I’ve especially valued this opportunity to come onto an engagement in the first stages of strategic planning, as it’s given me context for the kind of work Maryville does with new clients.   

What encouraged you to work at Maryville after interning here? 

Here at Maryville, the managers and directors work hard to ensure that it is an environment where you feel cared for and valued, and it showed in the day-to-day interactions I had during the internship.  The company culture is so collaborative and team-oriented—the mentors that I connected with at Maryville devoted so much time and energy to making sure that I felt confident in my work. It’s great to know that I could seek advice from any person at Maryville—regardless of their position or practice—and that they would put aside time for me to make sure that I have what I need to be successful. That culture along with the knowledge that I would be exposed to so many unique opportunities through my work here made the decision to return easy. 

What is your favorite part about working at Maryville? 

So far, my favorite part of working at Maryville has been the relationships I’ve built. I came in as a new hire with the three other summer associates who I’d built close friendships with. But even beyond hire class, Maryville makes a concerted effort to encourage its employees to get to know all of their colleagues and really integrate into the community. Over my first few months here I had the chance to meet and get to know everyone who works here via the frequent company events and virtual meetings Maryville hosts. Maryville is full of so many talented, warm, and intelligent individuals—being able to work alongside them has been the highlight of my time here so far. 

Connor Burns: 2021 Digital Operations Summer Associate

At Maryville, I was surrounded by an incredibly supportive team who helped me grow technically, functionally, and professionally through mentorship and client opportunities. Everyday was filled with new experiences and challenges that kept me on my toes and allowed me to create a lasting impact!

Anna McKee: Digital Operations Summer Associate to Full-time Associate to Associate Manager

Anna McKee (WashU ’18) joined Maryville Consulting Group as a Summer Associate in 2017, alongside peers from WashU, SLU, SIUE and Georgetown. Her summer was full of client work, travel to a Fortune 50 client, and ongoing coaching from Maryville leadership.

Upon graduation, Anna joined Maryville in 2018 as an Associate Consultant in our Clayton, MO office. Anna joined a high-performing team of colleagues recently graduated from WashU, SLU and University of Florida. Since then, Anna has been promoted to Associate Manager and manages a team of Associate Consultants.


In 2017, you described Maryville’s culture being a differentiator for you. How has your perspective evolved over time?

As part of the associate team within Digital Operations, I have the privilege of working in an openly collaborative environment with high-performing colleagues from various backgrounds. I have colleagues with backgrounds in biomedical engineering, data & analytics, business, computer science and psychology.

This diversity allows us to provide unique insights and creative solutions to clients.

The collaborative environment also provides the opportunity to identify areas of growth for our organization, internally. I have been involved in internal initiative efforts regarding training, onboarding, marketing, and more. This provides the opportunity to drive change not only at the client, but also internally to enhance our differentiating culture for my future colleagues. 

Could you describe some of the roles you’ve taken on in your first year with Maryville?

I have had the opportunity to take on several roles across diverse projects and industries. My first engagement was with a digital fast-casual restaurant chain – focused on alignment of the IT function through organizational change, process alignment and automation. As a member of the team, I took on the role of leading the organizational change management that would drive adoption of new ways of working across IT and Retail Operations. Responsibilities included defining a plan, developing content and delivering training and communications. 

Today, I am leading a project centered around custom application development for a client in the grain industry. I lead the alignment between product owners, leadership and the development team. This role has pushed me out of my comfort zone in areas of leadership, communication and client services, while bolstering my Agile Development skills.

Describe what your client interactions are like? Who do you work with on the client team?

My interactions with clients always center around the idea of a shared goal. At Maryville we emphasize that our team and the client team are not working as separate entities but rather as a collaborative unit. This relationship allows us to work closely to solve challenges and create business value.

In addition, it allows me the opportunity to work with clients at every level of the organization including at the Director and VP level. The past year of experience at Maryville has given me the skill set required to take on leadership roles in meetings as opposed to simply being in the room. I have driven critical conversations and decision making across all client engagements I have been involved with. 

What would you describe as your biggest accomplishment in your first year with Maryville?

I led organizational change management on my first engagement. Proper training and communication are crucial for buy-in to new ways of working with technology. I knew the importance of what I was taking on and I knew that my work was impactful towards the success of the project. I had peers and leaders that supported me, without telling me the answer.

The team pushed me to develop new ways to deliver our core training offerings – requiring an agile execution approach. I was asked to do something I had never done before, with challenging timelines and iterative cycles – building skills, leveraging my amazing peers and producing a successful client outcome. This is a common theme in the work I do.

In our previous Q&A, you mentioned the interview approach taken. What is it like being on the other side of the hiring process?

Recruiting is an exciting process, as I’m not just encouraged, but expected to shape the future of our team. As part of the associate team I am very involved in recruitment activities including the creation of content and marketing, resume reviews and interviews, and attending events and networking.

Our collaborative team environment means that we all can provide feedback and input into the hiring decisions for our team. This empowers us to truly invest in the recruiting process, as we see firsthand the value of bring in high-performing and highly-collaborative individuals. 

What would you describe as your aspirations for the upcoming year? 5 years?

I’d like to continue growing my professional skills in client services and engagement management. That will require challenging myself to identify new and innovative ways of delivering high-quality work for our clients.

Five years from now, I hope to take on a larger role in client development, actively working more closely with our clients to define and execute strategic roadmaps. At just over one year of full time experience at Maryville, I know that these goals are within my reach due to the professional growth I have experienced and the people and culture I have surrounding me.

Lastly, how do you keep up with the relationship between your personal and professional life?

I make a conscious effort to balance my work and personal life to ensure that I bring my best self to both aspects of my day to day.

The office being located in Clayton is a large part of how I make this work. It allows me to catch up with friends and family in the area easily with all of the walkable local restaurants and events.

Additionally, as a team we consciously make the effort to coordinate events with each other outside of the office such as team happy hour, weekend events, cardinals’ games, etc. This allows us to get outside of the office setting and enjoy each other’s company.

Zach Fisher: 2021 Digital Operations Summer Associate

This summer I experienced an overwhelmingly positive learning environment in which my peers as well as my supervisors were just as invested in my progress as I was. I felt like I was a member of the Maryville community since the very first day of the summer program, and this tight-knit community, along with the accessibility of senior resources, truly fostered my personal growth.

Want to join our team? Here are some of the key qualifications we look for:

  • Bachelor’s degree with a graduation date in or before June 2022
  • Strong academic course load and performance
  • Demonstrated leadership and collaboration skills
  • Desire to learn how corporations are using technology to enhance strategy and operations
  • Ability to articulate complex ideas in a concise manner
  • Willingness to travel up to 40% domestically or internationally (currently limited due to COVID-19)
  • Willingness to relocate to the St. Louis area
  • Not requiring work visa sponsorship

Life in St. Louis

While Maryville recently opened offices in Boston and Minneapolis, our associates work in our St. Louis office. Conveniently located in downtown Clayton, our office has wonderful views and is within walking distance of some of the best food in St. Louis. If you plan on visiting us soon, here are some of our favorite things to do in the area!

Food and Drink in Clayton

  • Sauce on the Side
  • Pastaria
  • Half & Half
  • City Coffee & Creperie
  • Salt + Smoke
  • Crushed Red
  • Barcelona Tapas

Entertainment & Activities in St. Louis

  • Cardinals & Blues games
  • Forest Park – free museums and zoo, kayaking, and more!
  • City Museum
  • The Arch
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Aquarium
  • Tower Grove Park

Which practice is right for me?

Do you enjoy solving complex operational and organizational challenges?

Digital Operations

Digital Operations might be the fit for you! DO works on:

  • Reengineering and automating enterprise processes that transcend traditional organization silos and move beyond human constraints to provide the business delivery utility. 
  • Continuous business impact optimization leveraging advanced technologies 
  • Continuous simplification of user experience for external and internal stakeholders.   

Do you like analyzing data to make financially-informed decisions?

Technology Business Management

Technology Business Management might be the place for you! TBM works on:

  • Establishing/Enhancing Lifecycle Cost and Activity based accounting captured in a modern technology business taxonomy – every business is a tech business. 
  • Comprehensive, benchmarkable financial data to derive total-cost-of-ownership and cost drivers for facilitating technology core through stakeholder consumed technology-enabled applications, compiled for decisions aligned to business priorities and benefit.   

Are you interested in product management and product lifecycles?

Product Development and Delivery

PDD might be the place for you! We work on:

  • Continuous prioritization of innovation for software defined business differentiation, stakeholder experience and automation constituencies.   
  • Product Management Discipline – philosophically, we believe this is a crucial “employed” resource skill requirement. Our focus is on enabling those client resources. 

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