Sean Halligan

Director, FinOps

As the race to the Cloud intensifies, organizations that are increasing business value while also containing costs are in the best position to succeed.

Maryville’s approach promotes collaboration among various teams, including finance, operations, and development, to manage and optimize cloud costs by providing visibility, accountability, and governance across the organization’s cloud infrastructure.

Maryville’s goals are to help organizations reduce wasteful spending, increase efficiency, and optimize return on investment in cloud services, all while still meeting business objectives. We help organizations to create and/or mature their continuous monitoring, analysis, and optimization of cloud usage and spending. Maryville guides the Cloud Centers of Excellence to establish regular communication among team members and shared understanding of cloud costs and financial goals.

As a FinOps Foundation partner, Maryville leverages FinOps best practices to help organizations to unleash the true potential of Cloud, while also taming the costs.

Our Work in FinOps