Product Development & Delivery

Product Development & Delivery

David Taylor

Vice President

In a rapidly changing marketplace, companies that quickly create solutions to address current and future customer needs are poised to succeed.

Our end-to-end product life cycle management creates value through scalable and differentiating business capabilities to drive growth, improve agility, and deliver innovative products that address customer needs. We help clients transform into customer-centric organizations by shifting the focus from “what can we sell” to “what do customers need.”

Evolving into a customer-centric organization requires businesses to transform the way they understand, govern, execute, and sustain the technology used to service their internal and external customers. We developed  The Product Model™, a proven framework that drives the right processes, roles and responsibilities, governance, funding models, measurements and delivery while focusing on the highest business value and cost associated with delivery.  The Product Model provides organizations with a clear path to successful technology business transformation.

Our Work in Product Development & Delivery