Enterprise Alignment of Digital Fast-Casual Leader

Enterprise Alignment of Digital Fast-Casual Leader

The Client

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Digital Restaurant


50,000 Employees

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2,200 Locations

The Challenge

A $2.9B digital bakery-cafe is recognized as being on the forefront of fast-casual web, app and kiosk technologies. Over 40% of their orders now come through digital channels. The client’s  innovative approach to technology deployment and expansion requires a modernized café and franchisee operations experience – the next step in a journey towards highly-satisfied café management and customers. In 2017, this client was acquired by a global holding company of other restaurant entities – a move that presents the challenge for this client to become the technology & operations services partner to other subsidiaries.

The Response

Maryville Consulting Group engaged the client’s Café Technology organization to define and execute a strategy for operational excellence and superior customer support. We brought together disparate Technology Operations groups that were engaging cafés through disjointed processes and technologies to define an enterprise-wide approach to café support and management. In doing so, Maryville identified opportunity to streamline business operations for café support through Customer Service Management and Field Services.

The Value

  • The enterprise approach to Café Management allows this client to deliver a better customer experience and improve automation within the café environment – increasing franchisee satisfaction and reducing operational overhead.
  • The unified café service portal allows the client to provide its Company-Owned & Franchise Cafés self-service service request, case management, and (eventually) billing.
  • As a support organization, enterprise processes and automation allows the client corporate the opportunity to move from back-office cost center to front-office profit center.