Centralizing Training with an Enterprise Learning Management System

Centralizing Training with an Enterprise Learning Management System

The Client

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Leader in Health/Pharma


134,000 Employees

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Operations in 60 Countries


$76.4 Billion in Revenue

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$157.3 Billion in Assets

The Challenge

Enterprise application consolidation is key to streamlining operational costs and establishing process consistency. Our client, a fortune 50 manufacturing company, sought to consolidate multiple training systems into a single enterprise Learning Management System (LMS.) In highly regulated manufacturing environments, the LMS is crucial – ensuring employees, contractors, and customers are properly trained. Audits from regulatory agencies can have highly adverse consequences if the LMS cannot produce the required records information. For these complex programs to succeed, it is critical, especially for large, multinational organizations, to have strong program and project management.

The Response

Maryville Consulting Group, partnering with our client, led the enterprise LMS program through multiple successful release deployments. Working with multiple vendors and across geographic boundaries, Maryville led each of the project teams (workstreams) through an approach definition cycle. Having a well-defined approach enables effective planning to occur – teams can commit to delivery time frames with confidence. Once plans were in place, we managed the program and project execution to a successful outcome, continuously driving the project team towards the finish line.

The Process

SaaS Product Selection

Research and identified target markets

Work Approach Definition

Research and identified target markets

Planning and Readiness

Research and identified target markets

Execution and Delivery

Research and identified target markets

Roadmap Definition/Future State

Research and identified target markets

The Value

With a centralized SaaS best-of-class training solution in place, our client will continue efforts to centralize their training function and eliminate redundant costs. Leveraging a single enterprise system with centralized processes and support will:

  • Improve learner experience
  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Reduce overall costs