Defining a Future-State Vision to Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience

Defining a Future-State Vision to Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience

The Client

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Data Center Company


160 Employees


$20 Million in Revenue

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National Footprint

The Challenge

Our client, a data center installation and maintenance services company, had numerous disparate technology systems and an abundance of manual processes. The lack of integration and automation created inefficiencies that impacted both internal and external customers. In 2008, the organization acquired a data facility cleaning company to broaden its service offerings and expand its national footprint. However, the two organizations were never fully integrated and continued to use different enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to run their respective businesses. Leadership needed a solution that would provide visibility into both organizations in order to understand how the overall business was performing.

The Response

Maryville Consulting Group utilized experience and proven methodologies to map the client’s current state, uncover pain points within existing processes, and identify an ideal future-state as it related to people, process, and technology. We then identified technologies that would enable a better internal and external customer experience and lead to greater customer retention and growth. We facilitated a current state customer journey mapping exercise to understand the client’s needs and used that exercise to align internal stakeholders on a future-state vision that supported the organization’s business and technology goals. Following the exercise we were able to identify, evaluate, and recommend multiple ERPs that would support the client’s future-state.

The Process

Internal Stakeholder Interviews

Understand current state processes and internal user pain points when using existing technology

Current and Future-State Definition

Cross-functional team facilitation exercise to align current state processes with desired future state processes

Customer Journey Mapping

Mapped future state internal customer journey with external customer experience to deliver ideal future-state customer journey

Future-State Technology Research

Evaluated multiple technology solutions to identify the right technology to enable the desired future-state

Align Future-State Architecture

Identified ideal technology solution based on fit and attractiveness

The Value

Through a highly purposeful exercise, Maryville Consulting Group enabled our client to land on a unified vision with complete buy-in from its leaders and employees. The facilitated exercise using Maryville’s intellectual property and guidance fostered full support from both organizations and reduced the complexities typically associated with organizational change. Our collective efforts enabled all stakeholders to quickly align on a need for change and launched the organization on a path towards its future-state. The consolidated ERP will provide transparency across the organization and deliver a single version of truth to allow stakeholders to make data-driven decisions, enhance the customer experience, and improve business performance.