Navigating Federal Compliance Requirements with Cloud-Based Tool

Navigating Federal Compliance Requirements with Cloud-Based Tool

The Client

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Federal Law
Enforcement Agency


7,000 employees

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116 Field Offices
20 Overseas

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$2.2B Annual Budget

The Challenge

This DHS Agency sought to improve IT functionality, reporting, and efficiency by enabling an IT Financial Management tool to create fiscal transparency, formulate and defend their budgetary position, automate reporting requirements, and reduce effort for data calls. In addition to fulfilling these objectives, the tool / solution is required to meet CPIC, FITARA, Asset Refresh, and Internal Use Software compliance requirements.  The DHS organization was interested in learning more about how Apptio could complement their existing Financial Management tool to achieve their goals but was concerned the cloud-based tool may not meet their strict compliance requirements. This agency engaged Maryville to implement and pilot Apptio to understand both the value and risks associated with this endeavor.

The Response

Maryville established a pilot program at the DHS agency for TBM and the Apptio solution as a proof of value, customizing the solution to meet the agency’s specific requirements and objectives. Maryville acted as the liaison and worked with multiple stakeholder groups including IT, Finance, and Operations, to enable alignment and ensure the solution fit the organization’s needs.

The Process

Current State Analysis

Established data management process to uncover gaps and to see how data interrelates Transition from On-Prem to Cloud TBM


Configured use cases and reporting possibilities within the tool

Pilot Program

Assisted them in understanding what their limitations are and how to remediate

Organizational Buy In

Developed briefs internally for C-suite executives to gain support

The Value

  • The pilot program allowed them to understand the value Apptio and TBM provide. Maryville brought together multiple, disparate data sources to create an accessible and trusted financial baseline within Apptio with which they may defend their budgetary position and more accurately target opportunities for optimization.
  • Maryville configured Apptio to automate financial reporting, burn down, and investment reporting, which enabled the DHS agency to quickly and effectively respond to data calls, freeing time for value added conversations to meet the mission. Maryville worked cross-functionally to gain buy-in and developed a solution for the entire organization, achieving operational support from the CFO’s, CIO’s, and COO’s offices.
  • Maryville’s successful pilot program resulted in the large DHS agency moving forward with Apptio, which is in the process of getting cleared with an Authority to Operate (ATO).  Next steps for them involve ServiceNow integration, asset alignment, and formalized dashboard reporting to stakeholders.