Organizing Internal Structure to Deliver Quality Patient Care

Organizing Internal Structure to Deliver Quality Patient Care

The Client

Health System

Leading Health System


40,000 Employees


$5.5 Billion in Revenue

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$381 Million in Charity Care

The Challenge

A leading healthcare provider in the US, adjusting to a new CIO and IT leadership team, was seeking a strategic plan and tactical guidance on technical debt rationalization, process optimization, and improved automation. Entangled in manual processes, the company possessed an out-of-date, partially-functional service management tool with significant data issues. Lacking the proper platform, defined roles, and agreed to enterprise processes, the IT department was challenged with being too costly and too slow. As an organization that requires structure to provide quality patient care, error-prone manual processes and cross-team miscommunication were not viable or sustainable for efficient service delivery.

The Response

Maryville Consulting Group provided leadership, detailed enterprise processes, pre-built platform accelerators, training, and executive level advisory efforts designed to affect a transformation in both operational cost and performance. We guided the technology organization through the adoption of enterprise processes, and provided the integrated automation platform that optimized resource allocation, automated workflows, and provided validated data for better decision making. We helped redefine roles to drive accountability, metrics and KPIs to better align performance, all while enhancing the efficiency and performance of IT services and commercialized products. We continue to help guide and execute expanding automation, Product Management needs and alignment of the client’s internal technology systems, as well as non-IT centric systems such as Facilities, Clinical, and Real Estate Management, Customer Care, and Virtual Physician Scheduling.

The Process

Strategy Roadmap

Leadership vision and guideposts for success

Software Integration

Optimization and alignment

Process Synchronization

Fluidity and efficiency

Customization and Expansion

Continued adaptations and improvements

The Value

  • Synchronized software implementation across organization to provide fluid reporting and up-to-date communications network
  • Delivered insights into inefficiencies and utilization opportunities for knowledge and time of IT resources
  • Improved employee compliance by eliminating 30% of unrecorded changes from manual entry records
  • Reallocated 40-50% of incident report tickets to proper resources that were previously under-allocated