Undergoing a Brand Transformation to Drive Growth

Undergoing a Brand Transformation to Drive Growth

Originally founded as Indiana Heart Institute, Navion Healthcare Solutions (Navion) is the industry leading provider of registry software and data abstraction services for nationally recognized health systems across the United States. It has invested more than 30 years in developing cost-effective, best-in-class data strategies and fully-integrated software tools to drive exceptional outcomes for the patients, hospitals, and communities it serves.

The Challenge

Because of Navion’s outstanding reputation for providing the highest quality data and outstanding personalized service, most of its clients were word-of-mouth referrals. Navion leadership recognized the need to embark on a brand transformation and marketing journey to deliver a consistent, cohesive, and compelling brand strategy to drive product awareness and increase its customer footprint. Navion engaged Maryville Consulting Group (MCG) to help develop a trademark brand strategy, solidify its brand identity, and provide content to connect and engage with its target audience.

The Solution

MCG worked with Navion to reshape its brand identity, develop its brand strategy, and provide an integrated marketing plan to drive the brand experience. We had 6 weeks to transform the Navion brand and launch its new website. Below outlines the process we used to quickly drive business value and ensure Navion was well positioned for future growth.

Empathy Exercise and Customer Journey Mapping

We began the engagement by facilitating an empathy mapping exercise with Navion stakeholders to better understand their target audience and to develop personas for their target customers. Once we had identified Navion’s target personas, we moved into a customer journey mapping exercise to identify the end users’ pain points with the brand and understand the overall customer experience for each target persona.

Stakeholder Interviews

MCG conducted 1-on-1 interviews with internal team members (Navion executives) and external stakeholders (Navion’s clients) to better understand Navion’s brand image and uncover actionable insights to help shape Navion’s brand strategy. These interviews also brought to light additional services for Navion to consider adding to its portfolio.

Competitive Analysis

We took a deep dive into Navion’s top competitors in both registry software and data abstraction and created a competitor analysis to identify key differentiators, properly position the Navion brand, and develop go-to-market messaging that would resonate with the target audience.

Brand Story Development

Based on the information gathered from the empathy exercise, customer journey mapping, stakeholder interviews, and the competitive analysis, we were able to craft an authentic, honest, and succinct brand story that resonated with Navion’s target audience.

Web Development

MCG designed, built, and launched a new website for Navion to align with its new brand identity and support its sales growth goals. The WordPress site created a digital front door for Navion and now acts as an extension of its sales team.

The Results

Working in tandem with Navion leadership, MCG formulated a new, more compassionate brand voice accompanied by marketing elements that differentiate Navion from its competition. The brand transformation and marketing journey resulted in a consistent, cohesive, and compelling brand story that has provided a solid foundation for future growth.