Moving from ‘the What’ to ‘the How” with The Product Model

Moving from ‘the What’ to ‘the How” with The Product Model

As you try to make sense of a path to become a technology enabled business you will find a landscape full of models to help guide your transformation. Each of these models addresses specific areas of expertise. Be it SAFe and its response to the CEO; or the boards ask for consistent and predictable delivery; or Pragmatic’s front side heavy focus on strategy at the expense of execution – each model falls short of providing an end-to-end methodology necessary to deliver a true technology-enabled business.

The Product Model by Maryville Consulting Group (MCG) is the first model that blends ‘The What’ and ‘The How’ to seamlessly take your company from ‘why’ to launch. Through a 4-phased approach (Understand, Govern, Execute, Sustain), The Product Model provides a clear path for technology business transformation. Let’s take a deeper dive into the Execute phase of The Product Model – a critical phase that brings technology and business together to drive business value.

In the Execute phase, we leverage our Execute Framework to enable the right customer-centric mindset through inclusion, problem solving, and value to move development from ‘why’ to launch. We provide your teams with the education to embrace a product mindset and the processes to deliver predictable and consistent outcomes that provide the highest value to your internal and external customers. The Execute Framework includes the following steps:

  1. Define the Opportunity
  2. Ideate on Solutions
  3. Create Product Plan
  4. Prototype and Test
  5. Execute on Product
  6. Launch Product

Is your organization struggling to transform into a technology-enabled business? Do you have a great strategy and vision but need help executing? The Product Model™ Execute Framework provides a blueprint to move from the ‘what’ to the ‘how’ and enables a successful launch for your enterprise. Learn more and download The Product Model™ Execute Framework today!

Mike Woyke

About The Author

Mike Woyke is an accomplished senior leader and product strategist with more than two decades of successful team management. Mike strives daily to be an authentic and focused leader with a passion for delivering proven consumer-centric solutions which add to shareholder value and delight customers. He has extensive experience in: Technology Leadership, Product Management, Program & Portfolio Management, Mobile Product Innovation, Lean Product Development, and Agile and Continuous Delivery Champion.